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How to Set Up a Captive

  • 1Feasibility Study

    • Defining business purposes

      Financial analysis

      Risk management analysis

      Defining projected risk

      Financial impact on parent company

      Analysis of cash flow and tax benefits

      Domicile selection

    • Developing captive program and
      ownership structure
  • 2Selection of service professionals

    • Defining business purposes
    • Legal expert
    • Actuary
    • Auditor
    • CPA
    • Captive manager, etc
  • 3Analyzing business needs and interviews

    • Operation details

      Develop business model

      Products design

    • Interview with domicile
      regulators (if necessary)
  • 4Application

    • Personal information (shareholder, director, staff)
    • Organizational info
    • Business plan

      Corporate ownership


      Managerial structure

      Coverage control

      Required capital


      Investment planning

      Reinsurance requirements

      Projected financial statements

      Risk management, claims, charges.

  • 5After approval by regulators

    • Formation and registration
    • Paid-up capital payment
    • Operation & regulation method
    • Insurance products and related
      operation design
    • Insurance policy issuance & distribution
    • Accounting partner selection
SGIS’s Captive Service
One-Team service by expert underwriters
  • 20-plus years underwriting experience
    for fire and various new insurance product
  • Expertise in insurance program structuring
    for EQ, product liability, recall, construction, etc

Optimal insurance design and pricing
proper response to legalities to achieve profits

Forming and offering a
core network with professionalism
  • Original insurer: highly competent 2-3 Japan-
    based insurers with focused cooperation
  • Reinsurer: 4-5 international reinsurers with full
    understanding of captive programs

Achieve bigger profits through optimal cost
structuring protecting risk capital & reducing
risk financing expenses

Maximizing Captive potential based
on distinctive reinsurance process

We invent and implement various schemes
to perfectly meet client needs and
correctly fit domicile deeds